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Multi-Cultural Community Events

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Listed below are some of the programs and events that are currently sponsored by the Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee:


An outdoor festival showcasing our diverse cultures that abound in the community at large. This event covers a spectacular array of multi-cultural music, entertainment, cuisine, and culture celebrating as many ethnic groups as possible. There is a large Children’s Activity area – “Kid’s World” - devoted to educational and cultural games, arts/crafts, and entertainment for the young ones. Games/Rides are also provided for more family fun. The International Cooking Demonstration tent is also a hit; guests can learn about international dishes after watching their preparation by volunteers and sampling their exotic tastes.

International Dinner Dance

This is one of our most popular community events, held in September each year in celebration of Broward County Multi-Cultural Month. The intention is to increase awareness and appreciation for the richness and uniqueness of the diverse cultures in our community. This celebration gives people a chance to have fun and enjoy each other in a social setting while learning about different cultures and cuisines at the same time. Native attire is encouraged. Each year the event features a different country where the food, music, culture, and entertainment are highlighted.

Taiwan Day

The Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee is happy to partner with individual ethnic groups by way of celebrating Broward County Heritage Months. These celebrations include the Eid Celebration in January, Jewish Heritage Month in January, Asian Pacific Heritage Month in May, Haitian Flag Day in May, Hispanic Heritage Month in September, and Hindu Festival of Divali in October. These events are often held in cooperation with the Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs.