Cindy Brief

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Cindy Brief

As women began entering the workplace and taking on leadership roles, they had an uphill battle for equality and acceptance. With these arising challenges came the need for advocates, mentors and allies. Thus associations, created with women in mind, became a necessity in communities across the country.

Coral Springs is home to many such associations, including the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce’s Professional Women’s Alliance. The Professional Women’s Alliance came into being thanks to the vison of Cindy Brief. President of the Coral Springs Chamber, Brief saw the need for a “source of networking, education & inspiration [for] women in the Chamber.”

 Speakers at bi-monthly luncheons share messages of empowerment and motivation, providing a professional forum for local women to meet and collaborate. Brief demonstrates that working together strengthens both the individual and the group – women are stronger together than apart!

We proudly recognize Cindy Brief’s contributions to women and their empowerment.

Cindy Brief

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