Emily Heafy

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Volunteerism and community involvement, later to be major forces in the life of Coral Springs, surfaced early thanks to Emily Heafy!

While the time and service of many have contributed to Coral Springs’ culture of involvement, one woman exemplifies dedication to her community and volunteerism: Emily Heafy.

Described as “cool, elegant and the epitome of grace” with a “joyous spirit,” Heafy was seen as a major mover in Coral Springs. One who didn’t “hesitate to speak her mind,” Heafy involved herself in various city affairs, including serving as the campaign manager for husband Ed Heafy’s mayoral campaign.

In Heafy’s household “independent thinking [was] promoted,” and she made name for herself, separate from wife and mother, by giving back to the Coral Springs community. While serving as president of the Coral Springs Historical Society, Heafy helped preserve the Mullins Park “mini-museum.”  Passionate about the city’s history, Heafy advocated for a renovation and restoration of the museum, and what stands today is due largely to her efforts.

Emily Heafy proved that volunteers are the foundation of a community. The lasting impact she’s left on Coral Springs will not be soon forgotten.

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