Jeanne Mills

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MillsHelen Tache, the first female commissioner to serve in Coral Springs, revered for her “independence and integrity,” Tache paved the way for other females to hold office within the City's government.

Following Tache’s lead was Jeanne Mills, who was elected for commissioner in 1988 alongside Janet Oppenheimer. Elected Coral Springs’ first female mayor in 1990 and resigning in ‘93, Mills’ time as mayor proved short-lived. Although quoted in 1988 saying “We don’t have down and dirty council meetings,” Mills explained her abrupt resignation as a "protest to the absence of good government in Coral Springs."

Several factors may have led to her resignation, including fellow commissioner Oppenheimer’s unsuccessful challenge to her mayoral seat in 1992, or actions she claimed to be "wrongdoing at the highest levels of City Hall."

Regardless of why she left her position early, Mill’s legacy as the first female Mayor of Coral Springs remains a great achievement in Women’s History.

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