Lena Lyons

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Traveling down University Drive, it is difficult to imagine that Coral Springs was once an expansive green bean patch.  Land tycoon Henry (Bud) Lyons, who had earned the title “Titan of the Bean Patch,” accumulated upwards of 20,000 acres. After his death in 1952, farm and ranching income declined, leaving his widow Lena Lyons essentially “land poor.”

Lena, described as “shrewd,” negotiated with developer Jim Hunt for the sale of a parcel of land. She accepted an agreement of $259 an acre for just over 3,800 acres – profiting $1 million. With a Christmas sell-by date, the transaction was completed, and Coral Springs was born.

As the City’s development was made possible by women in the past, beginning with Lyons, surely the present and future of Coral Springs will continue to be shaped by strong female forces.


Whether involved in business dealings, contributing intellect,  the ladies of Coral Springs have and continue to compete in a league of their own.

Lyons  Lyons