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Information for Event Hosts

If you are planning an event to be held in the City of Coral Springs, there are certain requirements and guidelines to keep in mind, depending on the type of event and location.

A Temporary Use Permit is required for events held outdoors on private or public property.

For events in a city park or city facility, including Sportsplex at Coral Springs, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 954-345-2200.

Event Signage

The City of Coral Springs has guidelines for the display of event signs on-location as well as for its entryway event sign program.

  • Special Event Signs for City entryways - This program is available to public not-for-profit events happening in Coral Springs. There are nine entryway sign posts available and scheduling is handled by the Communications and Marketing Department. View the guide and instructions here.
  • City Codes relating to signage at events - Please review Section 1806(H) of the Coral Springs Code of Ordinances regarding temporary signs here.