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Our Mission Statement, Vision, Core Values and Strategic Goals

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Mission Statement

To be the premier community in which to live, work, and raise a family.



Serving with Excellence, Innovation, and Integrity.

Core Values


  • Supportive: Provides encouragement and supports team members in a kind and trusting manner; listens and responds constructively to support other’s ideas; manages conflict.
  • Communication: Is clear and concise when communicating; is open-minded and respectful; uses a positive tone and body language.
  • Collaborative: Partners with other departments and customers to obtain the best possible solution; builds and sustains cooperative relationships.



  • Supportive and Caring: Supports risk taking and removes barriers to encourage innovative new ideas; encourages unity; responds with empathy; delegates responsibility to staff and encourages them; recognizes initiative; is fair and consistent in treatment of employees.
  • Committed to Organization: Fully committed to the success of the organization; models the City’s core values; ensures that employees understand how their work is important to the big picture.
  • Change Management: Clearly communicates need for change; implements strategies for effecting and controlling change; prepares and supports employees in making organizational change and takes action to develop skills needed as a result of change.
  • Develops Others: Creates a learning environment to ensure employees realize their highest potential; provides meaningful coaching and feedback, clear direction, and expectations.



  • Consideration: Exhibits concern and consideration for others.
  • Tolerance: Ability and willingness to accept another’s ideas and beliefs even if you they are different from your own.
  • Gratitude: Shows appreciation early and often; expresses pleasure/thankfulness by what someone has done.
  • Follows Through: Sees a task through to its completion; follows through on promises.
  • Truthful: Tells facts that are true; can be trusted to be honest and sincere.



  • Takes Ownership: Takes responsibility and ownership for decisions, actions and results (this may include personal well-being and cost-effective decision-making); accountable for how and what is accomplished; takes pride in their work.
  • Transparent: Communicates how and why something occurs; operates in a way that creates openness and honesty; no hidden agendas creating collaboration, cooperation and collective decision making.
  • Ethical: Treats others with civility; demonstrates behaviors that are morally right.


Superior Service (Customer Centric)

  • Professional: Possesses self-control; shows respect at all times; is courteous, conscientious, reliable and competent.
  • Patient: Great listener, empathetic, and attentive.
  • Communication: Active listener, clear and concise, positive tone and body language; possesses great phone etiquette (i.e., transfers calls only once, uses person’s name).
  • Knowledgeable: Resourceful, self-learner, confident without being condescending, accurate, share knowledge; provides the correct answer; trained/certified.
  • Proactive: Anticipates customer needs by reading body language and responding professionally; offers alternatives to best meet customer needs; identifies real problem by asking appropriate questions.



  • Creative Thinker: Thinks “outside of the box”; fresh perspective; pushes for new ideas; focused on improvements.
  • Forward Thinker: Interested in change and progress; thinks of new ways to do things; open to change; plans for the future not just the present; thinks of new and fun ways to engage employees and residents.
  • Dealing with Change: Responds to change with understanding and using a “problem-solving” approach; rapidly learns and uses new information; flexible and adaptable.

Strategic Goals

  • Responsible City Government: Financially Sound City Providing Exceptional Services.
  • City Investment in Today and Future: Upgrades City Infrastructure, Facilities and Parks.
  • Downtown Becoming Vibrant: Creating a Sense of Place and a Destination.
  • Growing Local Economy: Increased Business Investment and Jobs.
  • Premier Community in South Florida: The Place for Families to Live in Great Neighborhoods.