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James S. Hunt

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City Founder

James S. Hunt -  President of Coral Ridge properties, Coral Springs Founder and Visionary

James S. Hunt President of Coral Ridge properties, Coral Springs Founder and VisionaryBorn and raised in Detroit Michigan, Hunt was a fighter pilot in World War 1 and again in WW2 earning him multiple medals for his bravery. He owned leading Chevrolet and Ford dealerships in the Midwest prior to his real estate endeavors in South Florida. As a very successful Fort Lauderdale builder which included the development of Galt Ocean Mile. Hunt would next take on his vision of a planned city reminiscent of the old south, starting from the ground up.

While most cities start as settlements, with an existing community of people. Hunt wanted a planned city. He wanted control of how his city would look and feel. He wanted a separation of city noise from residential areas. He wanted distinct entrances to his city and a big focus on aesthetics. With Fort Lauderdale already heavily built thanks in large part to Hunt, he would have to move west.


Originally, Hunt was scouting for a retirement community but would soon come to find that a community for young families is what the area demanded.

The very first school in Coral Springs consisted of a circle of portables named Coral Springs Elementary and was located on Coral Hills Drive which is now the site of the Coral Springs Medical Center. By the time a permanent school building on 35th Court opened on November 6, 1972, James S. Hunt, founder of Coral Springs, had recently died. The school was renamed after him.

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