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Ceramic Replicas of Historic Buildings

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Coral Springs High School Art Students Create Historical Replicas now on Display at Center for the Arts

Now available for public viewing, ceramic replicas of The Covered Bridge, Museum of Coral Springs History, Historic City Hall, Public Safety Buildings and many more. Fine Arts teacher Jacquelene Lieberman was inspired by the grand opening of the New City Hall building in Coral Springs. She wanted students to get excited about the changes and growth in the city and local buildings in Coral Springs. “I’m really proud of the talent coming out of Coral Springs High School and the hard work that the students have put in. I’m so happy to see the City recognizing their efforts.” Said, Lieberman.

Students were tasked with the assignment back in October 2017, they had 8 weeks to research, and create ceramic replicas of notable buildings in Coral Springs. Then came painting and finishing touches. The Fine Arts department recently renovated the teachers’ lounge turning it into the Colt Gallery for student display. The Historic buildings served as the second exhibit in the Colts Gallery in April 2018.

A 10th-grade parent, Dana Townsend contacted the City to donate her daughter's creation. “When I got the call from Ms. Townsend I was thrilled for the offer of the donation, and then to find out that there would be over 20 other buildings on display at the school. After seeing the final product, I knew that bringing the buildings to the Center for the Arts lobby display was the perfect opportunity for the public to enjoy the artwork”, Kelli Matonak City Historian.

The buildings will be on display at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts throughout July 2018.

Historic Building Ceramic Replicas Historic Building Ceramic Replicas - Old City Hall and Sun Sculpture Historic Building Ceramic Replicas - Old City Hall Building and Covered Bridge Historic Building Ceramic Replicas - Broward Health and Stoneman Art Sculpture

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Center for the Arts lobby hours:

Monday – Friday 10a.m. - 5p.m.

  • Broward Health - Clerrie Saint-Fleur 10th Grade
  • Fire Station 43- Jaylynne Fisher 12th Grade
  • Public Safety Building - Kasey Salvatierra & Samantha Sampath 12th Grade
  • James S. Hunt - Alex Aedo 11th Grade
  • Coral Springs High School - Ana Bonilla & Anna Willians 11th Grade
  • Fresh Market – Nikolas Cuadros 11th Grade
  • Cherry Smash – Sabrina Duplan 11th Grade
  • Franks Theatre/Cinema 8 – Anjali Ramlagan 12th Grade
  • Starbucks – Jennifer Harrell 11th Grade
  • Marriott – Kendra Dice 11th Grade
  • La Quinta – Jeremy Marquez 11th Grade
  • St Andrews Catholic Church – Adriana Sori – 12th Grade
  • Walmart – Annalese Dubrow 11th Grade
  • CVS – Demarco Colarusso & Angel Galarza 12th Grade
  • BJ’s Wholesale – Adlaine Dumel & Tatiana Lee 10th Grade
  • Amera Financial Plaza – Jessica Odum 11th Grade
  • Center for the Arts – Lauren Shore 11th Grade
  • Sculptures for Center for the Arts – Lynzie Lejean 12th Grade 2nd Place Winner
  • Coral Springs Diner – Autumn Gladden 11th Grade
  • Coral Springs Gymnasium – Floyd Moulton & Michaela Oliphant 11th Grade
  • McDonald's – Meghan Starler 10th Grade
  • Museum of Coral Springs History – Amber Townsend 10th Grade
  • City Hall – Karoline Mendez & Brittanys Real 11th Grade
  • City Hall Sun & Public Art Sculptures – Alyssa Nelson 10th Grade
  • Covered Bridge – Emma Burgess 10th Grade 1st Place Winner