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City Radio

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Listen to the Live Streaming City Radio 1670 A.M.

Coral Springs City Radio 1670 AM is the City’s own government radio station. Residents and visitors alike can tune in to 1670 AM while traveling within City limits to listen to information on City services, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

In times of emergency, CityRadio will provide important and up-to-date information such as shelter openings, points of distribution for ice, water and food, boil water alerts, and status of City facility openings. During non-emergencies, CityRadio offers a variety of programming about City services, Amber Alerts, EAS weather reports and, coming soon, live broadcasts of City Commission meetings.

Where do I tune in to listen to the City Radio?
City of Coral Springs residents and visitors can tune in to 1670 AM. Because the FCC only allows us to broadcast up to 10 watts, you might have problems tuning in on your home stereo but you shouldn't have a problem in your Car and outside with a portable radio.

Broward County Information:
Broward County Hurricane Website & Emergency Management Website
Sun-Sentinels Hurricane Website 
Click for a list of all City Operated Radio Stations in Broward County.

Does City Radio stream live over the internet?
Yes, click here.

Does City Radio accept commercials?
No. The FCC prohibits us from airing any of the following:

  1. Identifying commercial names or business establishments.
  2. Commercial messages in general.
  3. Music.

Can I hear messages in Spanish or Creole on City Radio?
Unfortunately, not at this time. Although some of the radio spots might be re-created in Spanish.

I heard a message but not it in its entirety. Can I get a copy?
Messages are recorded directly into the AM radio system and aired in a loop that is replayed. You can continue to tune in to 1670 AM until the missed message is aired again.

I have problems with the reception of 1670 AM. What can I do?
AM:FM Comparison
AM broadcasts can be susceptible to the high levels of electrical interference in built up areas caused by utilities such as street lamps, power lines or railway lines. AM radio reception can also be susceptible to interference from a wide variety of household electrical appliances including refrigerators, hair dryers, power tools and even electric razors.

AM radio reception can vary from day to night. At night, in certain weather conditions, it is not uncommon for fortuitous AM broadcasts to be received thousands of kilometers away - CityRadio has had reports of its services reaching all the way to Pompano Beach. However, night time reception is variable, prone to interference and the actual planned coverage area will reduce. During the day, reception of AM services is less susceptible to interference and the planned coverage area is greater. Listeners experiencing reception problems with AM Radio, should first check the following:

  • Make sure the radio is tuned into a local station so that it is receiving a strong signal. For example, WIOD 610am.
  • If possible use batteries instead of mains power, or substitute the affected radio with a battery operated one.
  • If the battery operated radio reception is good, interference could be caused by the mains power - check the power cord is well insulated.
  • If both radios are effected, the problem is likely to be electrical interference to the antenna, caused by a nearby electrical appliance. Try switching off all electrical appliances one by one or moving the radio to identify what is causing the problem.
  • Sometimes the interference will remain - even when the mains power switch is off. This often means the interference is coming from a nearby house. If neighbors are also affected, they should follow the same procedure to help isolate the problem.

Listeners who continue to experience electrical interference to their radio reception may want to contact a local electrician or technician who can recommend a suitable mains filter to reduce the problem.

AM interference can also be caused by nearby power lines, particularly if they are not regularly maintained. If you think this is the case, contact FPL.