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Section 20 Water Service Replacement Project

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SampleRoadImprovement_smMapGalvanized water services lines providing water to residential units were installed in your neighborhood over 30 years ago. The life expectancy of these water lines has reached the end. Due to age, many of these galvanized water service lines may develop leaks which can cause residents to experience low water pressure and reduced flow into their homes.

The City of Coral Springs will be replacing the water service lines throughout your neighborhood in an effort to improve the water service. New water service lines including water meters will be installed within the City’s right-of-way. Existing water meters that are currently on residential homes will remain, and the new service lines will be reconnected to the unit’s existing water service.

Following installation of the water service line and meter, the City recommends that the owner/resident removes any strainers from their faucets to allow the new water service to flush out for five minutes.

Work is estimated to commence on December 4, 2017, and continue until end of 2019. Please note that temporary interruption of water service may occur. This interruption should be no longer than 2 hours and residents shall receive advance notification. Additionally, residents will receive proper notification by door hangers, prior to the beginning of construction in their immediate area.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding throughout the construction of this project.

If you should have any questions concerning the project please do not hesitate to contact the Utilities Division at (954) 345-2160.
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